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The official knowledge database of Space Cats Odyssey's original, immersive, and community-driven on-chain adventure.

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Greetings, space explorers! Welcome to the central hub of the Space Cats Odyssey universe. Our wiki is your guide through this cosmic adventure, neatly organized into two key sections:

Dive into the Epic Immerse yourself in the epic narrative of the Meow-T Star System. Discover the rich lore, intriguing characters, and pivotal events that shape our galaxy. Explore The Story or check out the Character/item Index

Understand the Mechanics Dive into the technical aspects of our project. Learn about the Space Cats Odyssey's structure, from NFT mechanics to the Metaverse features and future roadmap. Read Our Whitepaper

🌌 Start Your Journey Explore the depths of our story and the foundations of our universe. Your Space Cats Odyssey begins here!

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