Space Cats Odyssey FAQs

What is a PFP-NFT?

A PFP-NFT (Profile Picture Non-Fungible Token) is a unique digital asset on the blockchain, representing a profile picture or avatar. These NFTs are popular as status symbols and collectible art, often offering community benefits, exclusive content, and other utilities.

What is the Space Cat Station?

Space Cats Station, established by the Galactic Federation of Meow-T, is a social marketplace city on a space station in the Meow-T Star System. It features a Mint Machine for NFTs, a marketplace, and various in-development attractions like NIP bars, arcades, and relaxation rooms.

What is NIP?

NIP is the essential resource in the Meow-T Star System and surrounding galaxies, serving as food, fuel, currency, and entertainment. It's a finite resource, soon to be converted into an in-game NIP token for use in various Space Cats Odyssey venues. Every species covets NIP and will do anything to obtain it.

How Do I Buy a Space Cat?

Acquire a Space Cat NFT via the Space Cats Station Mint Machine during our Series 1 drop, using ETH by connecting your wallet to our widget hosted by our Smart Contract Developer, Bueno. You can connect your wallet using Coinbase Wallet, Metamask and WalletConnect. Post-mint, trade Space Cat NFTs on our web3 marketplace or platforms like OpenSea and Rarible.

How Many Space Cats Exist?

The Space Cats Odyssey Legacy collection features 1,111 unique Space Cats per planet, across 7 planets, totaling 7,777 unique Space Cats. Each planet release brings a new set of art, making each series distinct. Additionally, mini collection drops of objects and artifacts from the galaxy add to the collecting experience.

How Much Does a Space Cat Cost?

The floor price of each Space Cat costs 0.03 ETH + Gas fees (.025 at Presale). Prices may vary in our marketplace or secondary markets like OpenSea or Rarible after the mint.

What is Your Smart Contract Address?
How Much Do You Give to Charity?

We donate 1% of all proceeds to an animal protection charity chosen by the community.

Are There Royalties with Trades?

Yes, there's a 5% royalty on trades, reinvested into the ecosystem to expand the project.

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